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To provide deserving Los Angeles City High School Seniors ancillary financial support, mentors and internship opportunities  in order to facilitate the process of  succeeding in college and preparing to contribute to the development of their community


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I met Warren Jones a few years ago when I was a volunteer

instructor at Crenshaw High School's Entrepreneurship Academy through the Sherry Lansing Foundation's "Primetime" organization. The Academy was created and administered by GB Fellowhsip  co-founder, Maynard Brown.


Two years later I was waiting at the elevator of my office building

when the building maintenance employee approached me.

Warren Jones, the former Student Body President of Crenshaw

High School had dropped out of college in order to support

himself and members of his family.


I invited Warren and Maynard to lunch the next day and – fast

forward – he now is in his Junior year at Tougaloo College, an African American college located in Mississippi, on full scholarship. It is ranked among the top 20 liberal arts colleges in the nation.

Thirty seconds earlier I would have been on the

elevator and Warren might still be cleaning toilets. We cannot

take this chance with our promising youth.


There are now three of us mentoring Warren, encouraging him

to focus, monitoring his performance and funding his travel and

other expenses not covered by his grant. To this end Maynard

and I have created the Gordon/Brown Fellowship so that other deserving high school graduates will have the same opportunity.


We  invite you to join  us.


                                                           Mike Gordon

                                                           Co-Founder- Gordon Brown Fellowship




To Telisa Sanders, success is accomplishing her goals of finishing school, starting her own business and giving back to the community. But juggling financial and family responsibility makes it harder to meet her goals.


Entering Crenshaw High School as a freshman, she saw gangs and fighting. But the next year, the school converted to a magnet program and now she is able to focus on her music and leadership skills in school, including being CEO of her own company. As a senior now, she is learning financial literacy and how to run a company from conception to marketing and production. She plans to use those tools to start her own company and give back to the community. First though, she has to finish her education.


“It doesn’t matter what your background is, what you come from, the opportunities are out there — you’ve just go to go for them,” Telisa said.



This fellowship was founded by Michael Gordon and Maynard Brown in order to support graduating seniors who have been accepted and enrolled in colleges, universities or trade schools under various funding programs. Many times, like Warren, these students do not have the ability to cover the additional costs of attending these institutions.


In addition, college becomes a ‘disconnect’ between them and the critical actions necessary to help develop community. They are not mentored into giving back. Once they’ve graduated there is typically a stark reality that they are not prepared for entrance into the job community.


The Fellowship seeks to address both problems – covering additional ‘gap’ costs as well as continuous mentoring during the two to four years of college education n preparation for responsible citizenship and employment readiness.





  • GAP FUNDING - Fund necessary non-tuition costs of attending an institution of higher learning such as travel, books, food, lodging and selected other costs not covered by traditional scholarships or student financing. Students will be required, after the first year, to seek part time employment.


  • MENTORING - Individual one on one mentoring to monitor the progress of the student as well as become an avenue for continuous counseling


  • INTERNSHIPS - Assist in providing matching stipends for summer internships preferably in their chosen field of study


  • EMPLOYMENT – Assist in job selection and procurement after post secondary school graduation from technical, trade or 4-year college



The role of the Trustees will be to supervise the selection of students and oversee the effectiveness of the program.


Michael A. Gordon – CPA , LLB, President, Toscana Restaurant Group


Maynard W. Brown, MBA – Director of the Business and Entrepreneurship Academy, Crenshaw High School


Dr. Lewis M. King – Professor of Human Behavior, UCLA, Dean Emeritus UCLA/Drew Medical School


Dr. Imani Brown - Managing Partner, Granite Equities, LLC


Destini Brown - Co-founder and Board member, Ashley Morgan Spiller Foundation


Lou Rosenberg - Interim Executive Director, Jewish National Fund





Doug Collins - President, The Sherry Lansing Foundation







Gordon/Brown Fellowship a 501C public charity.
All contributions are tax deductible